Kim Kardashian revealed 'The Truman Show' is one of her favorite movies on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian Revealed 1 Of Her Fave Movies And It's... Too Ironic

Is she trolling us all?

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Movie nights at the Kardashian house must be very interesting, especially when Kim gets to choose what to watch. The reality star recently revealed one of her favorite movies on her Instagram story, and it’ll either come as a hysterical shock or no surprise at all to fans. While on a tour of Universal Studios on Saturday, July 10, Kim Kardashian shared an Instagram Story about her love for The Truman Show, which is honestly just the perfect response any Kardashian-Jenner can have when asked what their favorite movie is.

In case you’re not familiar with The Truman Show, here’s the rundown: The 1998 movie starred Jim Carrey as an upbeat man named Truman who’s lived his whole life in the quaint town of Seahaven Island. But, unbeknownst to him, Truman is actually the most famous reality star in the world. Seahaven Island is secretly an elaborate set fitted with thousands of hidden cameras, and everyone aside from Truman in the community is an actor. The whole world has watched Truman grow up on their TV screens on the long-running hit series The Truman Show, and although he’s spent his whole life unaware of this, Truman begins to pick up on bizarre details that have him questioning his reality.

Clearly, the movie must be relatable for Kardashian, who has also spent much of her day-to-day life being filmed for the world’s consumption. That’s why it felt so ironic (but also kind of fitting) when Kardashian posted an iconic set piece from the movie’s ending and wrote, “The Truman Show is one of the best movies!”

The set piece in question was a giant blue backdrop that played a prominent role in the final moments of The Truman Show. (Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen The Truman Show.) At the end of the movie, Truman realized he’d been living on a reality show set his whole life and rowed a boat to across the sea until he finally came upon the edge of the set: a large blue wall. After taking one last bow, Truman exited through a door in that wall, finally leaving the show behind.

The Kardashians’ hyper-public lives have been compared to The Truman Show on social media and in publications several times before. Most notably, back in 2019, a piece on The Onion went viral for claiming Kim had commandeered her own rowboat to escape her reality show.

It’s very easy to see why Kardashian would relate to The Truman Show, and her choice to specifically post that blue backdrop feels especially relevant since Kim famously just said goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians when it ended in June after 14 years on the air. Then again, the Kardashians are still planning to make reality shows on Hulu now, so Kim isn’t really having her full Truman Show moment — but hey, at least she knows the rowboat is out there if she ever wants to get on.