Kim Kardashian Just Documented Her Pregnancy Scare On Snapchat

by Eitan Levine

WHOAMYGOD. Kim Kardashian West's pregnancy scare had us all on the edge of our f*cking seats last night.

This is probably the least controversial thing I'll ever say, but unwanted babies SUCK. Wanted babies already super suck, let alone a baby who gets thrown into your life without you actually wanting it.

Are babies cute? Sure. They're adorable, and having one probably gets you out of a lot of speeding tickets.

But, they're the most burdensome things on the effing planet. They're fragile as hell and love doing dangerous things with sharp, shiny objects. Babies are essentially adorable, rubber balloons you let loose into a factory that only makes sharp metal.

Kim Kardashian West has two terribly named children already, and clearly, she isn't up for making another one anytime soon, which led to a series of nerve-racking Snapchats.

Watch as she experiences everyone's worst nightmare.


This video is more terrifying than all the "Saw" movies combined.


This is a nightmare I would never wish on my worst enemies. I'm happy Kim got through it.

Everyone make sure to go home and hug your loved ones a little harder tonight.