Kim Kardashian Just Revealed Her New Weight Loss Goal And It's Insane


Look, Kim Kardashian West knows you want to know about her weight loss process.

She's right, too -- I mean, you're reading this article, aren't you?

So, Kim's been making it easier on all us writers and readers alike by straight-up posting photos of the numbers on her scale.

If you think about it, that's a pretty baller move. Kim's not hiding anything about her weight.

This has been an ongoing weight loss saga on Kim K's Snapchat. Up until now, Kim's goal had been to get back to 135 pounds, which was her weight before she gained the baby weight that came with Saint West.

Now, Kim's new goal is to get back to 2010 Kim's weight — back when she was about 29 and didn't have any kids at all.

Kim shared a photo revealing her current weight is 132 pounds. She said her goal is to get down to 120 pounds.

Back in April, she was at 139.6 pounds...


...which she got down to 135.8 about two weeks later.


Now, just over another two weeks later, she's down to 132.

Great job doing what you feel like doing with your body, Kim!

It's no easy feat getting your 29-year-old body back when you're a 35-year-old mother of two, but no doubt having unlimited funds and resources helps out with that a lot.