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The 30-Foot Naked Kim Kardashian Mural Has Already Been Destroyed


Humankind was able to keep it together for 0.4 seconds before losing it all over a mural of Kim Kardashian West.

Over the weekend, a mural of Kim's divisive nude selfie was painted in Melbourne. On Tuesday, it was found spattered with paint and branded with the word “SLUT.”

Artist lushsux shared a picture of the defaced mural with the caption, “Andddd this is why we can't have nice things.”

Lushsux, who also identifies as Mark Walls, told Mashable Australia,

Prior to the graffiti burn, Kardashian West defended her right to share her body on her own terms in a blog post.

She wrote,

The mural may never be what it once was.

But, fans of the reality star can trust there's no ruining the original selfie.

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