Sorry, Kylie: Another Kardashian Is In The Lip Kit…

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You're lying to yourself if you don't think Kylie and Kendall have been low-key angling themselves to take the reigns as the heads of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

There's been this subtle coup d'état in recent years to dethrone the current queen (Kim) -- in the form of successful modeling careers, clothing lines and lip kits -- that has been more entertaining to watch than anything on HBO or even Amazon Prime.

Oh boy, has Kim noticed this, and holy eff has she fired back at Kylie.

Mrs. Kardashian West is officially in the lip kit game -- a direct shot at Kylie's own lip kit kingdom?!? -- thanks to a collaboration with Charlotte Tilbury and a line of 12 "Hot Lips" lipsticks.

The line launches June 27 with a portion of the proceeds going to Women For Women.

It's nice to give back to charity, but the lipsticks themselves also seem pretty on point.

Charlotte Tilbury told ELLE,

Kim is the queen of the nude lip, and this vintage inspired pale pink nude makes lips look instantly fuller and irresistible... when she wears this color, she evokes the 1960s starlet like Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren.

Granted, this is all speculation about an internal Kim-Kylie-Kendall feud, but also, come onnnnnn. Something is hella up, and I can't wait for some passive aggressive Kylie Snapchats in response to Kim's kit.

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