Kim Kardashian Shared The Diet Plan That Helped Her Lose 60 Pounds


Kim Kardashian's diet sounds super regimented but oddly reasonable.

If you're wondering how Kim K dropped 60 pounds of pregnancy weight after Saint was born in December, a lot of it has to do with her diet.

I mean, sure, based on her Snapchat it's easy to tell her absurd workout schedule also has a bunch to do with it, but a large chunk of the pound droppin' can be credited to her commitment to Atkins 40 (that low-carb thing everyone's aunt did back in the mid-'90s).

She's already spoken about her weight loss journey to People, and now she's giving hard details as to what exactly her diet consists of.

For real, this whole diet seems freakishly "doable."

This is what three days of eating are like for Kim K.

I think the difference between me and Kim Kardashian is we'd both start a diet like this but she'd finish it and I'd have already broken the diet rules by 11:45 am on the first day.

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