Kim Kardashian's Friends Took Turns Hitting A Piñata Shaped Like Her Butt


Getting a giant piñata resembling Kim Kardashian's outrageous behind is a birthday made, in my book.

Hrush Achemyan, Kim's close friend and stylist, got the gift of her dreams (probably) on Friday when her friends wheeled out the big buns as a surprise.

She turned 29 on July 19, which everyone knows is the year of booty-themed presents.

Here it is, in all its glory:

Daaaamn, piñata got back!

In one Snapchat video, Kim can be heard saying,

Oh my god -- the best piñata ever. Was this not made for me or what? A Kimoji booty piñata.

In another Snap, she adds,

Yep, all Hrush wanted for her birthday was a big booty hoe, and she got it.

I hope it was packed with melted fudge, for effect.

The whole night looked pretty weird. Before they took to the ass piñata, Kim posted a pic on Instagram of the squad wearing scary masks and looking far too serious, considering they were at a party.

Whatever, Kim and her friends can obviously do whatever they want, and do it in style.

PS, the world needs more giant ass piñatas.