Kim Kardashian West Said She Heard Kris Jenner Having Sex (Video)

Kim Kardashian West went on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week and shared some haunting information about her mother, Kris Jenner.

In a game of “Never Have I Ever: Famous Moms Edition,” DeGeneres offered guests Kardashian West and Tracee Ellis Ross a few prompts to chat a bit about the stars who gave them life.

In response, the guests were asked to hold up one side of their paddles indicating either “I HAVE” or “I HAVE NEVER.”

When DeGeneres gave the ladies the final prompt, “Never have I ever walked in on my mom with a guy,” Kardashian West's paddle didn't go up immediately, but the answer was evident from her expression.

Kim said,

I live with her, so I've heard her from downstairs and that's just as bad as walking in… I like literally put the covers over my head… I called all my sisters and put it on speaker and was like 'What do I do'… I couldn't get a film crew there fast enough.

Come on, Kris. If you're going to have unreasonably loud sex, give a girl a warning.