Here's How To Kill The Night King On 'Game Of Thrones,' As Far As We Know

by Ani Bundel

For the second time in three years, Jon Snow has met the enemy, and he is dead. The difference is that this time, he knew what he would be facing, even if some of the others with him did not. Turns out though that seven heads are better than one, as Jorah and Beric put their heads together and realized the entire war could be ended with a single kill: the head of the Army of the Dead. Let's discuss how to kill the Night King on Game of Thrones.

As was observed in the episode "Beyond The Wall" by Jorah, killing a White Walker took out most of the wights traveling with him, leading himself and Jon to surmise that those must have been the wights that Walker had "turned." But as all roads lead to Rome, all turnings lead to the head of the army, the first White Walker ever made by the Children of the Forest, so long ago in the Dawn Age: the Night King.

That makes this war relatively simple. Cut off the head, and the beast collapses. As Beric said, "all we have to do is kill him." But that's easier said then done. When it comes to killing the dead, let us count the ways we know currently work.


The fastest, easiest answer, and in plentiful supply from two dragons. As we saw during Dany's rescue, fire burns these icy dead bodies to a pulp. Fire is the first defense that the wildlings have used for centuries. Fire was the first defense that Leaf put up first when the cave was attacked after Bran was seen. Fire is how you keep bodies from being turned in the first place.

Let's hear it for fire!

Dragonglass AKA Obsidian

Accidentally rediscovered by Sam early in the show, dragonglass was the main weapon used by the Children to fight the White Walkers during the first long night. Dragonglass is why they were on Dragonstone, mining all those centuries before. It's why they drew pictures on the walls, to explain why they were mining in the first place. The Children used to deliver 100 dragon glass weapons a year to the Wall when it was first built, to help keep them armed.

Daenerys and Jon are currently mining a ton of it, but turning it into weapons will take time. Good thing that blacksmith guy made it back from his trip North. Someone put him to work forging weapons.

Valyrian Steel

This one was discovered by Jon Snow during the fight at Hardhome. The White Walker was shocked that Jon's sword Longclaw was able to hold it's own against his ice sword to begin with. But then when Jon Snow made contact steel to white walker, the creature just... burst into ice crystals.

This is why Valyrian steel is such an important weapon in the coming fight. Unfortunately the ability to make it was lost in the Doom of Valyria. It can only be reforged, and only by the very best of smiths.

A quick rundown of the Valyrian Steel Swords currently left in existence that we know of on the show:

  • Longclaw: Sword of House Mormont, currently with Jon Snow
  • Heartsbane: Sword of House Tarly, currently with Sam
  • Oathkeeper, one of two blades reforged from Ice, currently with Brienne of Tarth
  • Widow's Wail, second of of two blades reforged from Ice, currently with Jaime
  • Catspaw dagger, currently with Arya/Sansa

In the books there are a few more:

  • Lady Forlorn: Sword of House Corbray, in the Vale
  • Nightfall: Sword of House Harlaw, might be on the Iron Islands
  • Red Rain: Sword of House Drumm, definitely on the Iron Islands
  • Truth: Last carried by Moredo Rogare of Lys. The World of Fire and Ice suggests it's in the Red Keep.
  • Dark Sister, once owed by Visenya Targaryen. Last known owner: Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers, of the Night's Watch


  • Valyrian steel arakh owned by Caggo, in Dany's Dothraki Army
  • Valyrian steel axe reputedly possessed by House Celtigar, in the Crownlands

Whether those other five swords or the arakh and axe turn up is up for question. But Jaime, Brienne, Arya and Sam all have extraordinarily valuable weapons at their sides right now along with Jon Snow.