Kids Explaining The Gender Pay Gap Confirms The World's A F*cked Up Place

One great thing about kids? They tell it like it is.

So when the folks at "Jimmy Fallon Live!" took to the street to ask kids their opinion on the gender pay gap — i.e. why they think women earn less than their male counterparts for the exact same jobs — they did not shy away from speaking their mind. Well, some of them, anyway.

Surprisingly, the boys of the group seemed the most sympathetic to the gender pay gap, dropping gems like “women are underrated” and “they work all the time, like my mom.”

The young girls, on the other hand, seemed to simply think women do their jobs incorrectly or aren't taught as much as men (and therefore cannot work as efficiently).

One girl almost had it — saying that we need a “good president” to ensure equality in the workplace — but then totally dropped the ball by suggesting that president should be Donald Trump.

OK, so maybe these kids have a little learning to do. It's still a hilarious video.

Check it out up top.