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Rebel Wilson Sent Kylie And Kendall Flowers After Calling Them 'Superficial'

Back in August, Rebel Wilson declined to present an award at the MTV Video Music Awards with Kylie and Kendall, and now, she's looking to make amends.

In an interview with Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, the actress claimed she wasn't interested in sharing the job of presenting the award for Best Hip-Hop Video to Nicki Minaj with the reality TV stars.

She reportedly explained,

I got asked to present with Kendall and Kylie at the recent MTV VMAs... I said 'no,' I said I'd do it myself… Not that you hate any of them individually but... What they stand for is totally against what I stand for. They seem a bit superficial and their careers aren't really based on talent... And I know they're super popular, but I'm all about personality and working hard to get to where I am.

Fair enough. While Wilson's comments could be construed as insults, a contrast in career goals is hardly a revolutionary phenomenon in Hollywood.

On Monday, Wilson responded to the alleged feud on Twitter.

She kicked off the series of tweets with a statement that, at first, seemed contentious.

The “Pitch Perfect 2” star then called out the Jenners' publicist.

Rebel's third tweet in the roundup wished the girls well and claimed she sent the pair a fancier version of an olive branch.

The odds of Wilson and the Jenners becoming besties seemed slim from the start, but flowers and a kind tweet are a sweet, appropriate way to end the publicity madness.

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