Kendall Jenner Designed This Dainty Tattoo For Hailey Baldwin


Everybody in the universe knows that Hailey Baldwin loves tattoos.

What was that? You weren't aware of this universal truth?? Don't worry, let's get you caught up real quick.

There's a tattoo...

There's another tattoo...

There's a teeny tiny tattoo. Can you find it?

OK, so you get the idea. Hailey Baldwin is a huge fan of little tattoos. Her latest set of tattoos are just as small, but they pack a lot of meaning thanks to BFF Kendall Jenner.

According to Teen Vogue, Kendall Jenner designed a set of tattoos just for Hailey Baldwin. The artist who did the ink, Jon Boy, posted a picture of his latest work to Instagram.

With her hands clasped together, the letters spell "PRAY," obviously touching on Baldwin's spiritual side and the Hillsong church in New York City that she regularly attends.

My only question is, does Hailey like having the tattoos "PR" and "AY" when her hands aren't joined together in prayer? She must since they're permanent, but you never know. Maybe she has a soft spot for public relations and the Old English way of saying yes.

There's just so much to speculate and so little time. Sigh.

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