Kendall Jenner's Bizarre New Calvin Klein Ad Is Basically About Vaginas


Wait, Calvin Klein's new advertisement campaign with Kendall Jenner is SEXUAL IN NATURE?

Whaaaaaaat? No one saw this coming at all! And from an underwear company, too!

The ad campaign is reportedly called "Erotica," and it features 20-year-old Kendall Jenner doing sexy, erotic things like squeezing a grapefruit into the shape of a vagina.

I will admit even though it's normal for Calvin Klein to have suggestive ads -- never forget the Justin Bieber package incident of 2016 -- the grapefruit-vag thing is a little weird.

The slogan for the grapefruit picture is "I eat in #mycalvins," which pretty much seals the deal on the vagina-ness of it.

I mean, who actually eats grapefruits for enjoyment? No one because they're way too sour and way too hard to eat. They are almost exclusively used for vagina metaphors.

Some of the other photos feature the reality TV star sensually rubbing a flower -- another classic vagina metaphor, just ask Frida Kahlo -- on her face, with the slogan, "I reminisce in #mycalvins."

Actress and model Klara Kristin also features in the campaign, with an up-skirt view of her Calvins.

So, it really is just a vagina-themed campaign after all!

Hey, after the amount of dick bulges we've seen from Calvin Klein, it's nice to see a few vajayjays up in this sausage fest.

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