Kendall Jenner And Her Rumored Boyfriend Cause A Scene At Coachella

by Gillian Fuller
Chelsea Lauren/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Kendall Jenner's rumored boyfriend is a stud on and off the court.

Jenner and her alleged beau, Los Angeles Lakers player Jordan Clarkson, were spotted this weekend getting playful at Coachella with a couple of pals.

In a video posted to Cami Morrone's Snapchat, Clarkson can be seen jumping right over Kendall's head.

That would be impressive for anyone, but the fact that Kenny is approximately nine feet tall makes it all the more noteworthy.

Judging by her giggling — and that she trusts Clarkson enough to allow him to literally jump over her — I'd say these two have been together awhile. And honestly, it's really cute.

Watch the video below.

Video of Kendall from Cami Morrone's snapchat story. #JennerUpdates pic.twitter.com/wbvnpOYI1W — UpdateJenner (@UpdateJenner) April 16, 2016

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