The Full Balmain x H&M Commerical With Kendall Jenner Is Finally Here

Kendall Jenner stars in the most terrifying -- and probably most expensive -- clothing commercial of all time.

The year is 2182. An unruly and overreaching government -- aka the Syndicate -- reigns supreme over humanity, who now lives 130 miles underground in a series of futuristic subway stations.

Disrespecting President Grimstaff by wearing clothing from H&M (he's a GAP guy) is seen as a crime punishable by death.

This won't stop Kendall Jenner and her band of rebels, though. Nobody can stop them from looking great at relatively affordable prices.

She defiantly takes to the subway system, wearing Balmain x H&M, an exclusive modern collection for both men and women, as a sign of protest against President Grimstaff and his guards.

She is quickly chased by Syndicate police into the subway system, notorious for its really cool lights and even MORE notorious for its crime.

The train nowadays acts less as a public form of transportation and more as a housing unit for the city's most dangerous dance criminals.

It's up to Kendall and her gang to dance her way to safety, unite the rival gangs and start an uprising against the Syndicate to end President Grimstaff's tenure as dictator over the system.

At least, that's what I think happened in this commercial...

For real, this thing probably had a bigger production budget than “John Carter."