Kelly Clarkson Reveals She's Having Another Baby During A Live Concert (Video)

Mazal tov!

Kelly Clarkson announced she's pregnant on Wednesday night at a concert in Los Angeles in front of around 20,000 people, because when you're Kelly Clarkson, making small-scale pregnancy announcements is not a thing you do.

Clarkson announced the news while singing to a crowd at the Staples Center after getting emotional while performing "Piece by Piece."

We obviously all get emotional when “Piece by Piece” plays, but Clarkson thought she was getting a bit too carried away by the moment.

According to a fan-shot video, she originally wasn't planning on announcing she was expecting to the crowd, but she made a last-second audible and decided to share the news with her fans.

So....@kelly_clarkson is pregnant!!! Congrats and much love Kelly! #PieceByPieceTour pic.twitter.com/SWXvxOfbde — DustinVanzant (@DustinVanzant) August 20, 2015

In the video, you can hear the teary-eyed singer announcing she's “totally pregnant” before concert goers start to cheer.

Clarkson then reportedly joked,

I didn't want you to think I was on pills or something! Everything is great. I haven't vomited yet, that's a win!

This is Clarkson and her husband's second child.

The couple celebrated the birth of their daughter River Rose 14 months ago though the former American Idol winner mentioned in interviews her first pregnancy was not easy.

Congratulations to the family!

This totally beats my friend's sister's announcement of yelling, “I SWEAR TO GOD, THIS BABY WON'T STEP FOOT IN THIS HOUSE AS LONG AS YOU'RE HERE. By the way, I'm pregnant,” during a Shabbat dinner.

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