‘Atlanta’ Star Pulled A Kanye West And Stormed The Stage At The CCAs

by Anna Menta

Yeesh, award show season has only begun, and the drama is already stirring up.

The first to do the honors was "Atlanta" actor Keith Stanfield, who crashed the Critics Choice Awards stage on Sunday, December 11, after "Silicon Valley" won Best Comedy Series.

Stanfield, who plays Darius on Donald Glover's FX show, "Atlanta," took the stage after presenters Leslie Mann and Christian Slater announced the show's loss to "Silicon Valley."

Before "Silicon Valley" executive producer Tom Lassally had a chance to accept his award, Stanfield took the mic and said,

I wanna thank everybody for honoring us in this way. We worked very hard on "Silicon Valley," and here we are. Thank you.

Here's a quick moment to appreciate the reaction when the audience realized what Stanfield was doing.


The interruption did not last long. Stanfield quickly left the stage, and Lassally, looking bemused, stepped up to make his acceptance speech.

Before beginning his speech, Lassally said,

No idea who that was.


Lassally continued his speech, saying,

Unfortunately, Alec Berg was sick tonight, so he and I [Stanfield] are both last-minute substitutions for this. So on behalf of Alec and Mike Judge and the cast, just want to thank the critics for supporting the show again and thank all of our friends and partners at HBO.

This is the second year in a row that "Silicon Valley" takes home the Critics' Choice Award for Best Comedy.

Some "Atlanta" fans had hoped their show might get the award this year — clearly Stanfield had thought so — but the new FX show did get honored earlier in the night, when Donald Glover won Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

Of course, in times like these, many can't help but think back to the most iconic acceptance speech interruption of all time (of all time!).

I am, of course, referring to the great Kanye West interruption of Taylor Swift's 2009 Video Music Award acceptance.

It just never gets old.

Stanfield's interruption wasn't quite up to Kanye's level, but it did take Critics' Choice viewers aback.


Can't wait to see what more drama this awards season has in store!

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