Katy Perry's Newest Project Might Be A Subtle Dig At Taylor Swift


So, it seems Katy Perry is still kinda mad about that whole "Bad Blood" thing.

Katy has named her new perfume "Mad Love." As in, the thing Taylor Swift said in her 2014 song that she used to have with Katy.

In other words, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are so rich and famous, that instead of having their fights over Facebook chat like normal people, they fight through hit singles and perfume lines.

But on the other hand, maybe it's not a jab at all. The name is also a variation of the name of Katy's fragrance from 2015, "Mad Potion."

Still, "Mad Love" is a pretty iconic phrase from Tay's song. Not to mention, most people think the song is about Perry.

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Many fans also think the perfume is a subtle dig at Tay, and that it rekindles the two pop singers' on-again, off-again feud.

Some people think that maybe Katy should just let it go?

Others are staying out of this fight.

Most just can't believe this is really happening. Again.

Well, in the words of OK Go, "Here It Goes Again."

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