Taylor Swift Finally Answers Question On If 'Bad Blood' Is About Katy Perry


Forget baseball. Speculating on who Taylor Swift's songs are about is America's favorite pastime.

Rumors run rampant whenever the pop star releases a new tune, and though she'll never admit it, Swift's perceptive fans are often pretty damn good at decoding her lyrical clues.

So when the singer released “Bad Blood” at the peak of her feud with fellow pop star Katy Perry, fans concluded the catchy girl fight anthem was about the rivalry.

Swift inadvertently fueled the gossip in an interview with Rolling Stone, when she explained that the song was about a woman who'd left her wondering if they were “friends or not.” This, in turn, solidified the Perry-Swift friction even more. Drama.

Now, Swift is trying to put the rumors to rest.

In an interview with GQ, the singer explained, while the song is about the “loss of friendship,” she has never (and will never) point fingers at any specific person.

She told the magazine:

Swift also explained, while the speculations are sometimes untrue, she avoids addressing the gossip for fear of losing the small bit of control she maintains over her music (and personal life):

She's always so PC, that Swift.

Whether or not the song really is about Katy Perry, we may never know. But we're free to speculate — Taylor even said so herself.

Read the full interview (which happens to be Swift's first-ever cover story for the men's magazine) over at GQ.

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