Katy Perry Had The Most Epic Fall Off A Segway At Burning Man Festival

I loved “Mad Max: Fury Road,” but I'd love it more if it was just two hours of Katy Perry unsuccessfully trying to ride a Segway in the desert.

Like hundreds of other Burning Man attendees, Katy Perry was feelin' those sweet desert vibes.

Trading in her whipped cream canister bra for a sand mask and some funky post-apocalyptic engineer goggles, Perry mounted her Segway and ventured out into the festival to hang with her fellow burners.

Eventually, Perry found a music float she liked and decided to anchor down for a bit to listen to some beats (read: Jamaican pan drum and one VERY loud horn).

Then, this happened.

OK, not the most graceful dismount one can do on a Segway.

As it normally does when someone makes an innocent mistake, the Internet had some fun with the fall.

"Katy Perry fell of a segway at Burningman." I challenge you to say something more 2015 than that. — Nicole Trieste (@nicolejaclyn) September 8, 2015
Katy Perry's Instagram post falling off a Segway at burning man hahaha — James Bourne (@JamesBourne) September 6, 2015
@katyperry teach me how to Segway? — !Gemmaaaaa. (@GemmaAnnIngram) September 6, 2015

Katy's dad even took the opportunity to poke some fun at Katy's Burning Man fail.

WAIT! Can we talk about Katy Perry's dad for a second? Why does he look like he was in a boy band when he was younger, but then grew up?

It's daytime in this video, yet he's dressed like a background actor in “Step Up 4: To The Streets.”

Katy Perry's dad looks like every member of New Kids on the Block in like 20 years from now. He needs his own reality show.

Someone give Katy Perry's dad his own reality show NOW.

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