Mother of Mothers
In a recent interview, Katy Perry shared her daughter Daisy recently started calling her by her stag...

Katy Perry Wants Her Daughter To Stop Calling Her “Katy Perry”

Her fans may call her mother, but her daughter doesn’t.

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Katy Perry goes by several different names. When she started her career as a gospel singer, she went by her given name, Katy Hudson. Now, the pop icon has reached “mother” status among her devoted fans, and is an actual mom to her 3-year-old daughter, Daisy Bloom. Recently, her child has reached the point where she’s aware that her mom is a legend, and she won’t stop addressing her as such.

During her May 10 appearance on HSN’s The List with Debbie D, Perry joked about Daisy — whom she shares with fiancé Orlando Bloom — recently learning about her stage persona. “She called me Katy Perry yesterday,” she told host Debbie Denmon. “I was like, ‘Uh uh girl. I’m mama to you.’ She was like, ‘You’re also Katy Perry.’ I’m like, ‘Uh uh. Don’t you call me Katy Perry, call me mama!’”

It’s not surprising that Daisy is a fan of her mom’s career. In November 2023, she attended Perry’s final show in her Play Las Vegas residency with her dad. The Teenage Dream singer gave her daughter a sweet shoutout between songs, calling her her “best friend.” Also, earlier in the HSN segment, Perry joked that Vegas is now Daisy’s “favorite place in the world” due to the years-long residency. (Her concert series ran from December 2021 to November 2023.)

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Elsewhere in the interview, Perry shared that though Daisy doesn’t know how to sing, she “loves her songs.” However, even if her daughter learns to hold a note, she won’t pressure her to follow her footsteps. “I care about whatever she wants to do. Just whatever makes her happy,” she said. “She’ll probably be artistic in some way. She’s gonna be a leader.”

Similar to Perry, Daisy might just be an icon in the making.