Someone Finally Said It: Why Tim Gunn Was Right About The Kardashians

Tim Gunn recently made headlines that would make even Kanye stop in his tracks.

Thanks for making shirts, Yeezus, but Tim Gunn just told you off and isn't going to let you finish.

In his interview with the Huffington Post, Tim Gunn revealed his distaste for the whole Yeezus fashion brand and, as an even bigger shocker, his distaste for the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan.

It's not a new idea to bash the Kardashian family.

With their social media followers in the millions and their faces plastered on almost every entertainment news segment, magazine, commercial and even meme, they have opened themselves to a lot of opportunities for criticism.

But that's exactly the problem.

The Kardashians back in the day were a family you enjoyed watching on TV. I know I did.

I used to watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" every time it aired.

I loved Khloé. I thought she was funny and witty. Out of all the Kardashian sisters, she seemed to be the most level-headed.

I think I may have watched her wedding special to Lamar Odom every time it was on repeat.

But in time, something changed.

The Kardashians transitioned from a quirky family living a lavish lifestyle to becoming the topic of every conversation.

They were plastered on every magazine. Every news segment followed Kim's pregnancy, her 72-day marriage and her inevitable divorce.

When Lamar Odom overdosed recently, you couldn't go on Facebook without there being a minute-by-minute update. These updates weren't so much about his health, but more so about how his estranged wife and her family were taking it.

Social media reports their lives on a second-by-second basis.

Kylie does something to her lips? Reported. Kylie dyes her hair? Reported.

North West (I mean Kim) posts a selfie of herself from 10 years ago? Reported.

Kourtney has an awesome body after giving birth? Reported.

They have an audience to eat up every step they take.

The reason why (as a society) we're becoming less and less supportive and interested in the Kardashians is because they're oversaturated.

It's kind of like a new Taylor Swift song that comes out. The radio stations play her new song incessantly until you begin to actually hate the song.

The next time it comes on, you don't want to waste even two minutes listening to it. You're over it.

They took a good thing and ruined it.

That's how you describe the Kardashians.

This is not about Kanye's fashion line because we all have our own tastes when it comes to fashion. More so, we can all agree nobody quite loves Kanye the way Kanye loves himself. Insulting his "artistic vision" would be futile.

But the Kardashians are overexposed.

They have somehow become the family we measure everything to. They're shoved in our face morning, noon and night.

With that constant exposure, it's totally natural to get bored of them.

Tim Gunn stating he thinks they're vulgar is, of course, his opinion. I can't comment on who they are when they're not on camera.

But it's who they portray themselves as when they're on camera that gives people the right to state their opinions about them.

If you're welcoming people into your home to show Scott Disick punching mirrors, drinking and cheating; Kim becoming famous from a sex tape; Khloé being arrested for driving under the influence; Kris wanting to change her name back to Kardashian (when she was still married to Jenner); Kourtney having kids without regard to how unstable their dad is; then, of course, people are going to talk.

People are going to say you're vulgar, irresponsible and they don't have their priorities straight.

The only one who seems to have her head on her shoulders is Kendall, who has found a passion and is working toward it.

She must have gotten it from her dad.