5 Ways To Prep For A Family Vacation To Avoid Kardashian-Level Drama

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The Kardashian clan went on a family vacation to Costa Rica that was supposed to be a tropical bonding time for them all. Of course, the "KUWTK" episode proved that it was a tropical storm instead.

The ladies were pissed at Scott Disick for sneaking some random girl on the island. Scott explained the faux pas by making claims that he is a "sex addict," which scored him zero sympathy. Khloé even dumped a glass of water on him before storming off.

Kourtney also marked this trip as the official clue that she and Disick are never, ever, ever getting back together. (Yes, you should have read that in Taylor Swift's voice.)

Khloé was also pissed at the rest of her family for being too anti, since most of them were coupled up (Kris with Corey and Kylie with Tyga). She also wasn't feeling Kim because she decided not to go water tubing. Kim dubbed Khloé the family "bully," which, if you watch "KUWTK," may not be totally untrue.

Eventually, the family patches things up because, well, it wouldn't be a good "KUWTK" episode if things didn't turn out all smiles, sunsets and selfies.

But seriously, did it have to be THAT dramatic?

Most of us can relate to the family vacations that end up being an emotional rollercoaster ride, but why do we accept dysfunction as our norm?

It is possible to go on a damn trip and act like you have sense, people. Here are a five easy tips for preparing for a family vacation that turns out way better than that soap opera trip the Kardashian crew tried in Costa Rica.

1. Plan the family activities before you go.

There's always room for a little spontaneity, but with five or more people going on a trip, it isn't safe to assume that everyone will just go along with all the same activity ideas. With more people, it's also harder for a group to settle on one thing.

Before you guys hop on the plane, go ahead and decide at least three or four activities that you are all sure you want to do together.

2. Schedule alone time, too.

Guysss. Just because the vacation is a "family trip" does not mean you have to be glued to each other's side at all times. Big groups are going to want to split up and venture off, especially ones that have couples.

Instead of going off on everyone like Khloé and being dubbed the family killjoy, make sure you guys communicate that there will be moments for alone time or couples time.

As long as you stick to the group outings you guys decided on before traveling, then all should be well.

3. Decide if significant others can be invited.

A family trip is for the FAMILY, so you guys should ask before even booking hotel rooms whether or not you will be inviting significant others. Even if they are welcomed, please make sure you don't sneak anyone on the trip — especially if you know your ex will be in the group.

Though the Kardashian women can be really dramatic, they were actually right to be offended by Scott Disick sneaking a random woman to Costa Rica on the same trip as his children and their mother.

ASK, or leave bae at home.

4. Don't bring drama from home.

Scott Disick brought the woman on the island, undoubtedly to get a rise out of Kourtney.

It became even more obvious that he was using the woman as mere bait when he had such a negative reaction to Kourtney telling him that they would never get back together.

If he and Kourtney had simply dealt with that topic before they went on the trip, then not only would they have avoided this new girl drama, but Disick might have been able to just man up and ask if he could bring someone with him.

Deal with any concerns you have before boarding the plane.

5. Talk about how you'll handle conflict on the trip.

LOL. OK, so maybe you don't need the FBI, but as we know, some families need some kind of safety net for when things get a little crazy. If you know your family is drama-filled, here's an easy game plan:

Make sure you guys select the sanguine person in your group to be the default mediator. If he or she is the one in the conflict, then select the next sanguine person.

Either way, go ahead and decide now just how much time you'll dedicate to squashing differences and who will help you guys get to a place of peace. There is no reason why grown adults have to take up good vacation time with petty arguments.

Life is short and likely, so is your trip, so commit yourself to enjoying your family instead of warring with them.