Kim Kardashian Just Revealed What Kanye Thinks About Having More Kids


Kanye West wants more babies, but he might have to find a way to birth them himself.

After two relatively difficult pregnancies, Kim Kardashian West isn't particularly thrilled with the idea of cranking out another gorgeous celebrity dream baby with her husband.

On Wednesday's series finale of “Kocktails with Khloé,” Kim claimed Kanye's been bringing up baby number three nonstop these days. His latest case of baby fever hits just four months after the birth of the couple's son, Saint, brother to 2-and-a-half-year-old sister North.

Kim told Khloé,

I was so set on my two kids and how happy I was with my life the way that it is, but Kanye has been mentioning it every single day lately for the past 10 days.

Listen, Kim, don't you feel peer pressured into incubating a third human in your lady temple. Would having more kids be nice? Maybe, but so would not being pregnant all summer.

Plus, we as a society are, like, a decade away from raising robot children… probably.

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