#TBT: Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Had A Failed TV Pilot In 2008 (Video)

After you spend a few years working on the Internet, you eventually stop seeing words and pictures.

You slowly begin to process data patterns that manifest themselves as steady streams of green symbols streaking across your computer screen.

I don't know how accurate the rest of "The Matrix" is, but it definitely nailed that part.

One of those patterns is websites regurgitating ancient articles under the guise of a "reminder," or "a story people liked a few years ago that we're going to regurgitate because we don't want to do any real work today."

With that being said, this video first surfaced back in 2011, but this website didn't exist back then, and I didn't have the chance to give it the attention it deserves. Even if you've seen it, I'm sure you'll want to watch it again. Why?

Because you won't get many other chances to watch Kanye West (dressed as a stormtrooper) hit on Kim Kardashian (dressed as Princess Leia) and get cockblocked by a bear (who is also a puppet and talks like Barry White).

That segment appears about six minutes into this clip from "Alligator Boots," the "Crank Yankers"-inspired pilot. Unfortunately, the project never became anything more after Comedy Central decided to not give Kanye any more money.

Now that he's rich(er) and (more) famous, maybe Kanye will finally drop the whole music and fashion front and return to the hobby he truly loves: making dick jokes with puppets.