Sorry Kanye, It Looks Like Kendall Jenner Doesn't Even Have Tidal

Getty Images

When Kanye West announced he'd be releasing his new album, The Life of Pablo, exclusively on Jay Z's music streaming site Tidal, everyone let out a collective, "UGHHHHHHH WHYYYYY???"

The streaming service offers paid subscriptions only, but it doesn't boast a library much better than those of free sites like Spotify, until now.

After TLOP's release, Tidal enjoyed a brief stint as the most downloaded app in Apple's App Store.

Now in fifth place, Tidal relinquished its number one spot to Kendall and Kylie's virtual experience app.

Thrilled to see her game experiencing such success upon its release, Kendall Jenner shared a screenshot of the App Store's Top Charts page from her phone.

Followers quickly noticed the glaring "GET" button next to Tidal on Kenny's photo and speculated wildly as to how Kanye West would react to seeing his own sister-in-law ignore his public pleas to download the app.

Jeez, Kenny. Download Tidal already before you knock Yeezy off his ultralight beam.