Justin Bieber's Brother Was The Real Star Of The Grammys Red Carpet

by Anna Menta

You know what's better than Justin Bieber?

A tiny, adorable and so far unproblematic version of Justin Bieber!

Yep, the Biebs brought his little brother, Jaxon, to the red carpet at the Grammy Awards Monday night, and the little dude totally upstaged every celeb out there.

And with good reason, too. JUST LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE!

Jaxon, who is 6, seemed a little bit grumpy out there, which is totally fair.

If my brother dragged me out that late in front of a hundred cameras, I'd be grumpy too.

But to his credit, Justin was being a pretty adorable big brother himself and tried to get Jaxon excited for the event.

Seriously, both the Bieber bros were being cute AF on the red carpet. Maybe it'll be Jaxon accepting the Grammys in 10 years!