Justin Bieber Had A Total Freakout On Camera During A Live Performance (Video)


All Justin Bieber wanted to do on Thursday was sing a few songs, show off his Annie Lennox hair and dance.

Unfortunately, the MONSTERS behind the cameras at "Today" would not pan out far enough to allow viewers to behold Bieber's moves in all of their bold, majestic splendor.

Theories are swirling, mostly just around my personal Twitter, about how the cameramen were actually elders from the small midwestern town in "Footloose" traveling undercover to New York City in an effort to end dancing worldwide.

Displeased over the obvious conspiracy, the singer (and breathtakingly smooth dancer) turned to the camera after performing “What Do You Mean?” and blew the lid off the whole scheme.

In a clip from the live broadcast, viewers can see and hear Bieber protest as he motions to his face,


Sometimes, a pop star has to channel his inner Kevin Bacon and say to those who assert themselves as enemies of the joyful art of dance,

Critics of the Biebs may pair this outburst with the tears he shed at the VMAs and claim the 21-year-old is unstable.

To those critics, sometimes a pop star has to say,

Keep fighting for dance, Justin, for dance cannot fight for itself.

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