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Justin Bieber Posted A Throwback Pic With Selena And Everyone Lost It

Really, Justin? You're over Selena Gomez?


*Points to Instagram and literally every interview Justin has done over the past year.*

Posting adorable throwback pictures with Selena Gomez on an ATV, the most romance-centric terrain vehicle?

Justin, Justin, Justin. What are you doing?

You can't be doing stuff like this. You and Selena are OVER.

You're seriously acting like the guy who gets dumped and then continues texting the person he was with “Hey! Hope you have a good day!” but swears it's platonic. It's not platonic!

You thirstin' more than everyone in a Coors commercial before that beer bottle train comes rolling through town.

You didn't even add the "Just a throwback calm down" caption until after people lost their sh*t because they thought you were going out!

What are you doing, man?  I'm literally constantly worried about your mental health with this.

Everyone stop enabling this behavior!

No, Drake, please don't egg this unhealthy relationship on.

Someone intervention Justin STAT. He needs to be intervention-ed big time.

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