Justin Bieber Was Publicly Smoking Weed And Chugging Hennessy On Stage (Video)

Ugh, Justin, no. Please stop.

You ever get the feeling Justin Bieber is one long episode of “What Would You do?”?

Because I constantly fear, John Quiñones is going to come out with a camera crew and ask us why we never helped Bieber out of whatever funk he is in.

The former child star, and current cautionary tale, is once again in some hot water after video surfaced showing Justin smoking weed on stage at a concert in New Zealand with Rae Sremmurd.

During that same concert, he was also filmed chugging from a bottle of Hennessy before spilling some out on the floor for his homies -- his fellow Canadian homies.

Before you laugh this whole thing off, let's all take a second to remember Justin has a history with substance abuse, particularly pot, which eventually led to a DUI arrest in Miami.

Videos like this are the kind of clips they show in documentaries about dysfunctional rock bands in the 80s, right before the music gets super serious and a voiceover says something like,

A star that shines too bright eventually burns out though...

TMZ claims it was told Justin does regret his stage antics, which I'm sure is 100 percent sincere and not a lie at all.

Anne Frank would not be happy about this, Justin. Not one bit.

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