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Justin Bieber Just Debuted A New Hairstyle And It's F*cking Terrible

Beliebers, I've got some bad news for you: Justin Bieber is no longer cute.

Over the weekend, the Biebs debuted a horrific new 'do that sort of looks like a cross between dreadlocks and braids. Being that he's a) blond and, b) not that cool, the look really doesn't work for him — as one Twitter user remarked, he looks like “a mole rat with dreads.”

Even Bieber's most hardcore fans aren't having it. We were hoping the hairstyle was Biebs' attempt at a delayed April Fool's joke, but it seems to be the real deal.

Check out Twitter's reactions (and Bieber's 'do) below.

Fans are NOT happy about Justin Bieber's new hairstyle.

"Justin Bieber has dreads" — arian (@michaelsbieber) April 3, 2016

In fact, some of them aren't even fans anymore.

justin bieber got dreads............... this is the last straw im turning in my belieber card — michelle (@mich3llepach) April 3, 2016

My personal favorite:

Why does Justin Bieber look like a naked mole rat with dreads? — william (@bae_sic) April 3, 2016

Also accurate:

Justin Bieber has gotten to the point where you don't even know what he appropriating, Dreads, braids or straw hay — nae (@neyshajasme) April 3, 2016

Sorry, Bieber.

I really just saw Justin Bieber with dreads — ♡ JULISSA ♡ (@QueenIdle) April 3, 2016