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Justin Bieber Actually F*cked Up The Words To His Own Christmas Song (Video)

Justin, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU MESSED UP THE WORDS? It's your song, bro.

At a special acoustic show in Toronto, Canada, Justin Bieber totally blanked on the lyrics to one of his own Christmas songs.

Before starting the performance, JB seemed a little out of it when he asked the audience some questions.

He wanted to know if there were any 14-year-olds in the audience and then counted on his fingers how many years it would be until they turned 18.

All right, all right. Maybe math isn't Justin's strong suit. He has more than enough talents, so whatever.

But then, Justin totally f*cked up the lyrics to his song "Christmas Eve" from his Christmas album, Under The Mistletoe.

At first, he started singing, and it was totally fine, but then, he suddenly stopped and said,

What the f*ck are the words?

Justin ended up just skipping straight to the second verse and kept going. What a performer.

I did wonder why his Christmas album was so damn underrated, but maybe it's because not even JB knows the songs on it.

Good try, Biebs. I still love you.

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