Justin Bieber Stole Show From James Corden With Epic Opening Monologue (Video)

If you've ever dreamed of seeing angel wings on Justin Bieber's neck or James Corden fresh out of the shower, I suggest you keep reading.

The Biebs made an unexpected appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on Thursday and took over the opening monologue.

The Purpose singer came out when the music started playing and delivered some pretty funny one-liners. OK, JB, I see you've got some jokes. I dig.

Shortly after, James Corden ran on stage in a cream-colored bathrobe and stopped the show. I guess he wasn't cool with JB stealing the spotlight.

In the end, JB admitted he's always dreamed of hosting his own late-night show.

So what happened? Did James Corden let him do it? Did they get in a fight? Is it too late now to say sorry? Watch the video above to find out.

PS: JB just got a new ~sexy tat~ on his neck of some angel wings. Ugh, could he be any more perfect? Now I know you'll really want to watch that clip -- just be prepared to faint as soon as you see it.

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