28 Breathtaking Moments From Justin Bieber's 'I'll Show You' Video

This is the year of Justin Bieber. It has to be.

It feels like every day I wake up and find our lord and savior, JB, has given us something new to obsess over.

From his emotional performance at the VMAs, to his hit songs "Where Are Ü Now" and "What Do You Mean?" to releasing a NEW incredible music video for "Sorry" and getting fans hyped about his upcoming album "Purpose," Justin has been doing it all.

He also racked up five awards at the MTV EMAs, including Best Male Artist and Best Worldwide Act. He's honestly killing it and I couldn't be a prouder girlfriend... er, I mean fan. Whatever.

Anyway, Justin blessed us with another reason to belieb yesterday when he released a music video for his new song, "I'll Show You."

The video is super scenic and we get to see JB running through mountains, walking through water and floating around in his undies. It may be the most magical thing my eyes have ever witnessed.

Below you can check out the 28 most breathtaking moments from the music video.  It'll make you want to pursue your wanderlust (or just lust for him) for sure.

1. The magic begins as we follow Justin leading us into the mountains. The colors are rich, the scene is vibrant and Justin's legs look superb.

2. He guides us to this enchanting waterfall. We watch him stand still in awe of its beauty, as we stand behind him, in awe of his.

3. Here he is roaming through the evergreen fields, so beautiful and wondrous.

4. The only thing more powerful than nature... is Justin Bieber surrounded by nature.

5. He takes us down the mountain. We continue this journey of a lifetime with JB, our nature god.

6. This is the most beautiful field I have ever seen, with the most beautiful man I've ever known.

7. There is nothing more important in the world than this moment. Take it in, all of it. God is real and this is him.

8. This right here is what true beauty really is. Be one with nature. Be one with Justin.


10. No words can describe how majestic this experience is. We will remember this moment for the rest of our lives.

11. "The world is only so beautiful because you're in it." -- Justin to us, probably.

12. He is just flawless from all angles. This is a work of art.

13. This view is worth more than anything. We are the luckiest humans alive.

14. Think about everything you would give to be there, on that mountain.

15. What would you sacrifice to walk these empty roads?

16. Life is so beautiful, I can't even take it.

17. Justin is so beautiful, I can't even breathe.

18. What do you do when your heart stops beating?

19. What do you do if you can't imagine existing without him?

20. Look at him rolling in the hills, like a baby unicorn exploring a forest.

21. Look at him jumping in the air, like a Goldendoodle frolicking in a meadow.

22. Frolic forever, JB. Until the end of time.

23. Bless yourself with that holy water, for as long as you'd like.

24. Life is too short to do anything but stare at this picture.

25. Oh. I meant to say this one.

26. Yes, let's observe. It really is a very high-quality shot, isn't it?

27. Seriously, a masterpiece: 10 out of 10. Someone hang this in MoMA.

28. Absolutely breathtaking. Thank you, JB. Thank you.