Justin Bieber Followed Selena Gomez On Instagram And Fans Can't Handle It

Jelena, Jelena, Jelena.

*shakes head*

What are we gonna do with you two?

*paces the room*

You're killing us with this Instagram flirting.

*leans against a fancy bookcase, crosses arms*

It seems like every few months, one of you makes a micro-move to prove your love to the other.

*crosses to the window, looks out across the lake*

The world can't wait for an answer forever.

*turns back to Jelena*

What'll it be?

*waits forever*

*dies waiting*

*bones turn to dust*

*planet Earth melts down to a tiny space rock*

*the human race is forgotten*

Justin Bieber reportedly followed ex Selena Gomez on Instagram this past Sunday, and fans are treating the development with the same level of enthusiasm and anticipation they displayed when she commented on his throwback post back in March.

The "Confident" singer reportedly unfollowed his former lady love in November 2014 when the pair split after dating on and off for three years.

Now, the Biebs is apparently back to scrolling through Selena selfies, and Jelena stans are getting psyched for a possible reunion.

Gashhhh justin started following selena on ig!!! — zina (@zeyna_felix) June 6, 2016
@SelenaHQ JELENA IS BACK — #GreysonToINDONESIA (@itsnotgreyson) June 6, 2016
@SelenaHQ oh shit its real — kes (@cinnamonmixfj) June 6, 2016
@SelenaHQ — LITTLEJUSTIN (@lulyyclau) June 6, 2016

Plenty of fans, aware of the pop stars' upcoming projects, are skeptical of Bieber's and Gomez's motives.

It's so obvious Justin and Selena use their relationship for promo it became embarrassing — . (@fIawlesspalvin) June 6, 2016
funny that selena's mv comes out today and justin started following her on ig. idgi how yall cant see the damn promo — // NOV 25TH (@lookngfryou) June 6, 2016

Odds are the greatest love story of modern pop music history is not getting an epilogue, though some of us can't help but hope for one.

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