This Flashback Of Justin Bieber Talking About His D*ck Is All You Need Today

by Katie Corvino

Happy Friday, friends!

In honor of it ALMOST being the weekend, let's celebrate with Justin Bieber's dick!

Remember the beautiful moment when Justin Bieber walked around Bora Bora butt naked, letting his junk fly free in the wind?

It was a monumental experience for everyone, really. As soon as those photos leaked, every person on this planet had a new iPhone screensaver. THANK YOU, BABY.

There was, of course, a lot of discussion about the size of JB's penis. I mean, wow. The boy really grew up, that's all I'm gonna say.

There's actually a nickname for his dick. That's, um, how substantial it is. We can all die happy knowing we were alive during the same time as Jerry the peen.

If you recall, he actually chatted with his good pal Ellen DeGeneres about everything. He certainly had a lot to say about the ~incident~.

Since it's Flashback Friday, Ellen added a video of her "Too-Hot-for-TV Moments!" and one of them included JB talking about his dick. LOL. THANKS, ELLEN. GOD BLESS YOU.

You can check out the full montage below, but be prepared for some dirty celebrity conversations. Out of all of them, though, Justin's is obviously the greatest.

Long story short, never forget the JB peen.