Julia Roberts shared an adorable throwback photo of her twins, Phinneas and Hazel Moder, for their 1...

Julia Roberts Celebrated Her Twins’ 18th B-Day With This Cute Baby Pic

Hazel and Phinnaeus are officially adults.

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There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love. On Nov. 28, Julia Roberts’ twins, Phinnaeus and Hazel Moder, turned 18. To celebrate the major milestone, the actor posted a photo of herself and the twins as babies on Instagram. Talk about adorable!

In the photo, Roberts is holding one of the twins while the other sits in a playpen surrounded by toys. “🌟🌟18🌟🌟 Love you,” she captioned the post.

Roberts shares her twins — as well as her youngest son, Henry — with her cinematographer husband, Danny Moder. Turns out the family loves a good Instagram birthday moment because Danny also honored Henry turning 15 in June with his own throwback post. It seems retro photos are certainly the vibe in their household.

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As for the Ticket to Paradise actor, this isn’t the first time she’s dug through her archives to celebrate the twins’ birthday. Last year, when Phinnaeus and Hazel turned 17, she shared a photo of herself and the twins back when they were infants.

“17 of the Sweetest years of life,” she wrote at the time, alongside several birthday cake and sparkly emojis.

Aside from the occasional cute family photo on Instagram, Roberts recently opened up about being a parent to three teenagers. In an interview with Today on Oct. 10, the Pretty Woman actor told host Hoda Kotb she was grateful to have waited to have children until she and Danny were ready.

“The truth is... no matter how old we are, [our children] have chosen us in this moment to be their stewards and shepherds in this life experience,” she said. “I met [husband Danny Moder] when I was ready. And then we call these children into our lives when we’re ready to best partner with them.”

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