Suga and Juice WRLD collaborated on the track "Girl Of My Dreams" as part of the late rapper's secon...

BTS' Suga's Verse In Juice WRLD's "Girl Of My Dreams" Is So Emotional

Fans are honoring the late rapper's legacy.

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Juice WRLD’s second posthumous album, Fighting Demons, arrived on Friday, Dec. 10, and it features artists like Justin Bieber, Polo G, Trippie Redd, and BTS’ Suga. Eminem also makes an appearance on the track “Eminem Speaks,” during which he opens up about his experience with addiction. The record has been a massive hit with fans so far, and the one song that’s become a favorite is “Girl Of My Dreams,” which features a verse in Korean from Suga. If you got emotional listening to the track, wait until you see the lyrics, because they’re so beautifully written.

“Girl Of My Dreams” is all about falling in love with someone. “The girl of my dreams, but I ain't fallin' asleep/ Think both of your legs gone, the way you fallin' for me,” Juice WRLD raps during the opening chorus. He also references John Legend’s “All Of Me” with the following lyrics: “I ain't gon' lie, you got it all, all, all, all, all of me/ Uh, loves all of you, like I'm John Legend or somethin’.”

Juice WRLD goes on to gush about the girl he’s in love with during the first verse. He says he’s lucky to have found someone who cares about him just as much as he does for her. “A million miles, you would walk for me/ All four oceans, you would cross for me,” he raps, adding he won’t ever find someone like her ever again. “Won't let any other woman come and talk to me/ I'd do the same thing if you leave, honestly.”

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Suga’s verse changes everything because it actually depicts their eventual breakup. The rapper describes their complicated relationship by saying, “Another name for love is the color ‘blue’/ Sometimes it’s lively and sometimes it’s so cold/ Love always accompanies loneliness/ I feel lonely even when I’m with you.”

“Ohhh I don’t need it anymore/ Sometimes I laugh like I’ve gone crazy yeah/ Sometimes I cry like crazy yeah/ However, that is also the real part of me and I thank you for it,” Suga continues.

The star finishes his verse by admitting he didn’t truly appreciate what they had until their love was gone. “We used to fight and make up so many times/ We used to be meant for each other, but now it is nothing but a happening/ Only when love ends I realize that it was love,” he says.

“Girl Of My Dreams” marks Suga and Juice WRLD’s second collaboration together following the release of “All Night” with RM in June 2019. Fans shared their thoughts about the duo’s second single together on Twitter.

It’s safe to say “Girl Of My Dreams” is one of BTS’ best collaborations to date!