Joe Jonas was inspired by Taylor Swift and is considering re-recording the JoBros' first album.

Inspired By Taylor, Joe Wants The JoBros To Re-Record Their First Album

I'm ready for a new version of "Year 3000."

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Mr. Perfectly Fine is taking notes. As any Swiftie or person who doesn’t live under a rock knows, Taylor Swift is in the process of re-recording her first six albums. Now, inspired by Swift, her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas wants the Jonas Brothers to re-record their first album, It’s About Time.

"I think I would probably re-record our entire first album," Jonas said when BuzzFeed asked which JoBros song he would re-record in a recent interview. "Just do something like what Taylor [Swift] did recently, which I thought was really clever."

To recap: It’s About Time was the first of five albums the brothers have released together, including their 2019 reunion album Happiness Begins. Released in 2006, it includes classic bops like “Year 3000” and “Mandy.” Of course, it’s worth noting that Swift isn’t just re-recording her albums as a fun artistic challenge — she’s doing so in a bid to own the masters to all her own work. Regardless, it’s also a cool creative exercise that shows just how far a musician has come since they put out their earlier work, and watching the Jonas Brothers put a new spin on some of their beloved songs would be a delight.

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It’s also pretty ironic that Swift inspired Jonas to potentially re-record his work when doing so led her to release the never-before-heard Fearless breakup anthem “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” which is heavily rumored to be about the JoBro himself.

In the old “vault” song, a then-teenage Swift addresses a guy who casually broke her heart and quickly moved onto a new relationship while she was left heartbroken. Given that she and Jonas briefly dated in 2008 (the year Fearless was originally released), a ton of fans think the song was written about him. I mean, come on: She sings about a sudden “change of heart,” which lines up with her claim that Jonas broke up with her in a 27-second phone call that very same year.

Still, Jonas complimenting his ex-girlfriend’s re-recording decision just shows how far both of them have grown in the past 13 years. And if they ever want to collab, I am totally here for it.