Check out the Jonas Brothers' "Bing Bong" TikTok with Joe Biden.

The Jonas Brothers Just Got In On The Biggest TikTok Trend With Joe Biden


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The JoBros just lit up TikTok by jumping on the latest trend, but the band wasn’t alone. On Friday, Dec. 17, Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas blew up TikTok with their own take on the “Joe Byron” trend, and it featured none other than President Joe Biden himself. Here’s the low-down on why the Jonas Brothers made a “Bing Bong” TikTok with Joe Biden.

Nick Jonas posted the TikTok with Biden, alongside the caption, “Dinner plans?” As the video begins, Joe Jonas appears in the frame, lip-syncing “Bing bong,” and then Nick pops up beside him to say, “Are you vaccinated?” The JoBros are shown in The White House, which is full of holiday decorations, and it becomes clear where they are as Nick tilts the camera to show the presidential seal. Joining in the fun, Kevin pops out from behind a giant holiday card and mimes, “Yes, sir!”

It gets even better once the audio cuts to, “Who’s the president, man, who’s the president?” as the bros perfectly coordinate their “Byron” responses. Soon the TikTok cuts to the bros on a couch, where they finish out the iconic “What’s up baby. Take me out to dinner” phrase. At the end of the clip, Nick, Joe, and Kevin asked, “Did you get it?” and the camera flashes to President “Byron” himself holding a phone and responding, “We got it.”

For a refresher on the “Bing Bong” trend, it started from the Instagram street show, Sidetalk, first as the sound of Subway doors opening in the show’s intro, but later evolving into the audio track that has taken over TikTok. The specific portion of audio that went viral began with Brooklyn musician Gorilla Nems saying his own version of “Bing Bong” as approval to what people said to him. Since then, TikTokers have taken different phrases from various Sidetalk episodes and used them in a slew of videos. The most prevalent “bing bong” TikTok trend takes a portion of the original April 2021 video featuring the catchphrase and the voice of a Coney Island man named TJ, who called President Biden “Joe Byron.”

You can watch the hilarious video below.

Although the Jonas Brothers’ “bing bong” TikTok was a hilarious way to promote vaccinations, they aren’t the only ones who have joined the White House in the task.

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In July 2021, breakout singer Olivia Rodrigo filmed a vaccination video with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the President. In the video, she encouraged young people to get vaccinated. Later, in August, Ciara joined first lady Jill Biden to promote childhood vaccinations.

As always, it’s great to see the Jonas Brothers goof off together, and their antics are always on point.