Jon Stewart Bought A Huge Farm With His Wife To House Rescued Animals


After years of lampooning the many absurdities of politics, Jon Stewart is, understandably, done with humans.

Now, the former “The Daily Show” host is opening a 12-acre animal sanctuary in Middletown, New Jersey with his wife, Tracey.

Bufflehead Farm, two years in the making, is already home to four pigs and currently awaits four sheep, Rolling Stone reports.

The sanctuary may one day be open to the public, though presently a reservation-only operation.

Tracey shared plans for Bufflehead visitors in the future. She reportedly said,

The couple was honored at a gala Saturday night for Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur's institution dedicated to rescuing animals from factory farms.

At the gala, Jon reportedly joked,

Fans of the Stewarts who are interested in learning more can check out Tracey's book, “Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better."

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