Jon Stewart Made His Final 'Daily Show' Appearance And We're All Crying

Jon Stewart never sitting behind “The Daily Show” desk again is reason enough to not get out of bed today while continuing to maintain the fetal positions we've taken up under our covers as we wait for sadness to slowly leave our bodies.

Trevor Noah is set to take Jon Stewart's place as captain of Comedy Central's flagship political comedy show, but before the reigns were officially handed over, we got one more epic dose of what Stewart has done for the past 16.5 years.

The night started off with Stewart using the Republican debate as a conduit to bring back some old correspondents.

The segment featured old favorites like Steve Carell, Kristen Schaal, Lewis Black, Josh Gad, Rob Corddry and Michael Che.

Next up, some of Jon's rivals wished him goodbye while simultaneously breathing sighs of relief knowing he won't be around to make their lives harder anymore.

Stephen Colbert stopped by to thank Jon for all he has done for the cast and crew.

It was then time to take a behind-the-scenes tour of what exactly goes into making an episode of “The Daily Show.”

“This is the most beautiful place I've ever been and I'll never have that again." Stewart said of the atmosphere he's worked in since taking over the show in 1999.

Jon made sure to take one last journey over to "camera three" to give his final thoughts on news and politics in a speech about the “three kinds of bullsh*t” people encounter in their lives.

My rough transcript of Jon Stewart's extraordinary "Bullshit is everywhere" speech. pic.twitter.com/guXBbIDD9g — Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) August 7, 2015

You can watch the speech here.

Jon then came back from commercial, thanked his entire support system and said his last emotional goodbye.

The episode -- and his tenure on the show --  ended with Stewart's personal “moment of Zen,” a short set by Bruce Springsteen.


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