Johnny Depp Made The Most Awkward Joke About His Dog Apology Video


Even when Johnny Depp makes fun of himself for being awkward, it's still SUPER awkward.

Last month, Johnny and his wife, actress Amber Heard, got in a spot of trouble with the Australian government when they failed to declare their two Yorkshire Terrier dogs to Australian customs.

Amber ended up with two charges of illegally importing animals, which were eventually dropped, but not until the couple made this awkward AF video about how wrong they were and how great the Australian government is.

Apparently, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star decided to address that weird-ass incident and even weirder apology for it everywhere he goes.

He said as much at a press conference in London for his upcoming film "Alice Through the Looking Glass."

He said to the audience,

I'm gonna do this everywhere I go. I would really like to apologize for not smuggling my dogs into England, because it would have been a bad thing to do. Because the Australians, though chipper...

Unsurprisingly, considering it's Johnny Depp, it was weird.

Then, not ready to give up his throne as crowned king of weirdo land, Tim Burton cut in with a joke about how he's actually killed the dogs already.

Ha ha ha, get it? The dogs are dead! Classic Tim.

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