Johnny Depp Pranks Wife Amber Heard In The Most Lovable Way (Video)

Amber Heard is an actress, model and collector of classic cars, including her beloved 1968 Ford Mustang.

She's also the wife of award-winning actor, and man 23 years her senior, Johnny Depp, who enjoys a little prank every now and then.

On a new episode of "Overhaulin'," airing November 4, Depp leads wife Amber to believe her 1968 Mustang has been stolen for the third time, according to ET. The situation escalates when she gets frustrated with the joker cops who seem to be doing as little as possible to solve the crime.

Watch below as Amber flips off a "cop" taking a photo of her instead of handling the case:

Chip Foose, famed custom car designer, is the mastermind behind the operation, who worked in conjunction with Depp and Amber's father, David, to keep Amber in the dark.

When asked how difficult it was to keep the secret from his wife, Depp says,

You can only change the subject so many times.

Amber's love for the classic car dates back to when she first arrived in Los Angeles and scraped up "every dime [she] had" to afford it.

The final reveal of what Heard bought as "a drivable piece of junk, a beautiful piece of junk" gets emotional in the sneak peek below:

Don't miss the full episode of "Overhaulin'" on Velocity.

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