Can We Talk About How Hot And Ripped John Krasinski Is Now? (Photos)

Getty Images

I think I'll be jealous of Emily Blunt for my whole life. The wife of John Krasinski is a role nearly every single straight woman on this planet would die to play.

I mean, we ALL want him to look at us like this.

He truly is the definition of a perfect man.

I've been in love with him since the moment I was first introduced to Jim Halpert on "The Office." Undoubtedly, Jim's (and John's) best feature is his humor. It's dry, witty and really f*cking funny.

Sure, John/Jim might not be traditionally "hot," but that has never mattered. His humor is his strong suit.

But Men's Health is about to change your entire idea of the actor. Krasinski is on the cover of the most recent issue, and well, the pictures truly speak for themselves.

Take a look below.


Those ARMS.


Yep, still the perfect man.

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