John Franklin played as his mom Carol on 'The Circle' Season 4.

John From The Circle Catfished As His Mom And Things Got So Awk

Not even a social media pro (which he is) could have foreseen this.


You might think catfishing as your sweet, lovable mom in The Circle would be a great idea to draw others in, but John Franklin discovered the major drawback to his slick strategy right at the beginning of Season 4. The New Jersey native was one of the handful of contestants to play a catfish this season, and to make sure he didn’t get lost in his lies, he chose to pretend to be someone close to his heart. Obviously, #MommaCarol is a far cry from John’s actual personality, so here’s what The Circle fans should know about John Franklin’s real job and social media fame.

John entered The Circle with what he thought was a perfect strategy. In real life, he revealed, he’s a 24-year-old content creator, which he didn’t think would go over super well with other players. So he decided to instead pretend to be his own mother, Carol. As he’d hoped, Carol quickly became the Circle’s de facto mother figure, even topping the first influencer rankings alongside Frank.

But John did not plan for all hurdles that would come with playing as his mom. For example, his persona prevented him from calling out Bru as a TikTok star, since Carol recognizing a Gen Z TikToker would obviously be a red flag. Then, things reached peak cringe when John found himself in a girls’ chat with intimacy expert Alyssa, and he had to ask for bedroom advice as his own mother. Awk!

The Circle fans may know all about Carol now, but John’s a whole different story, so here’s a rundown.

The Circle’s John Franklin Real Job

John introduced himself as a content creator on The Circle, and it’s clear he really meant all types of content. Not only does he regularly post comedy videos on TikTok, but he’s also a comedian and musician with his own Spotify page.

The Circle’s John Franklin Age

John was 24 when he filmed The Circle, but has since turned 25.

The Circle’s John Franklin Instagram

John shares his comedy videos and music on Instagram, where he also posts clips from his stand-up sets. Carol also makes a cameo on occasion.