Frank Grimsley from 'The Circle' Season 4 has an amazing Instagram in real life.

Frank From The Circle Was Already An Influencer Before The Show

His social media is a whole vibe.


A new crop of influencers have taken over The Circle, but one has some more experience crafting a perfect social media presence than the rest. Frank Grimsley introduced himself as a fun-loving social worker from Maryland, who plans to use his magnetic personality to get close with all the other players and make it to the top. That’s all true, but what Frank doesn’t reveal is that he’s also a content creator with a popping Instagram full of fashionable photos and inspiring storytelling. So, what’s Frank’s real strategy to win it all? Here’s what The Circle fans should know about Frank Grimsley’s real job and Instagram presence.

Frank definitely established himself as an early frontrunner in The Circle Season 4 right out of the gate. He immediately got along with everyone, and at the end of Episode 1, that paid off when he was chosen as the first top influencer in the game. Of course, you can’t truly tell how far someone is going to make it in The Circle after just an episode or two, but Frank’s confidence and humor have clearly set him up for success, along with his photo selection that exudes a love of partying, which drew in several other players.

IRL, Frank is just as selective with his social media photos — his Instagram is filled with fashionable photoshoots and wanderlust-inspiring snaps from exotic trips all over the world. While he may have decided to keep the full breadth of his social media expertise close to the chest, Frank wasn’t lying about his real job.

The Circle’s Frank Grimsley’s Real Job

As he stated in his intro, Frank is a school social worker, as well as a licensed therapist. He even shared some of his students’ reaction to him being cast on The Circle once Season 4’s cast was announced.

The Circle’s Frank Grimsley’s Age

Frank was 28 when Season 4 filmed, but he’s since celebrated his 29th birthday on April 11.

The Circle’s Frank Grimsley’s Instagram

Frank’s Instagram is filled with stylish pics, many of which he pairs with inspirational captions that have uplifting messages or pieces of advice for his followers. His passion for fashion is also on full display on his YouTube channel, where he reviews skincare products and clothing brands, as well as recapping fashion shows. He did reveal on the show he’d been on a red carpet before, after all!