Joe Jonas Just Proved Pokémon Go Dates Are Definitely A Thing


Let's get this straight: No one is "too cool" to play Pokémon Go.

It doesn't matter if you're an actor, athlete or a rapper whose songs are borderline incomprehensible; everyone is trying to catch 'em all.

Meanwhile ya man Desiigner playing #Pokemon Go pic.twitter.com/kgsMMTNuYF — ITSBIZKIT (@itsbizkit) July 22, 2016

And we all know how you can really take Pokémon Go to the next level. Well, at least Joe Jonas does.

That's right, going on Pokémon Go dates is very much a thing, and Joe Jonas just confirmed it.

And it makes sense, too. Most people have trouble finding a unique thing to do that goes beyond dinner or the movies -- something both parties can enjoy. But seemingly everyone enjoys, or is at least fascinated by, Pokémon Go.

So it's no surprise people have been sharing pics on social media from their "PokéDates."

There's even an app for finding PokéDates.

Even the French are on it!

Not only did Pokémon Go blow Tinder out of the water as the most downloaded app, it's finding a way to bring people together way better than Tinder ever could.

Pokémon dates really are a thing, man, and you'd be wise to try one out while the game's still hot.