This New Pokémon Go Dating App Is So Much Better Than Tinder


Look how far we've come. Years ago, we were trading our shinies on the school playground. Now, we're catching Pokémon with our phones and going on dates at the same time.

Yep, it's official: Pokémon Go dating is a thing. It's called Pokédates.

Here's how it works:

1. Create your Poképrofile and describe what you want in a Pokémate.

2. Share your Pokémon Go schedule: where you'll be catching Pokémon, and at what time.

3. Confirm your date with someone who wants to join your outing.

4. Catch 'em all together. What happens on Pokédates stays on Pokédates.


It's amazing, and it makes perfect sense. Pokémon Go has already overtaken Tinder's daily users. And after all, isn't Tinder just beyond depressing these days?

I just hope this beautiful game doesn't become a cesspool of sleaze, used by people who are only after a Pokélay. (That's what Grindr is for, people!)

Signing up to Pokédates is free, and so is the first date when you use the promo code, "POKEDATES2016."

However, after that, it's going to cost members $20 a date. (Ouch.)

But it could be worth it to find the Ash to your Misty.

If you're struggling for the dollar, just rummage around your attic for any old Nintendo gear. It could be worth a lot more money today because of Pokémon Go.

But seriously, is there anything this game CAN'T do? We keep hearing about benefit after benefit. It's already destroying people's social anxieties, and even helps battle depression in some cases.

The reason is simple, if you think about it: To progress in the game, you've got to get out of the house and interact with the world. Charizard and Mew don't just appear in your bedroom, you know.

Yay! Pokémon Go conquers all.