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You Can Now Buy The Chair JK Rowling Sat In To Write 'Harry Potter'

How much would you pay to rest your butt on the very chair JK ROWLING'S butt also once rested?!

And it wasn't just any old time in her life when her butt rested on the chair; it was the time when she wrote mother-flipping "HARRY POTTER"! Apparently, the answer to how much some fans would pay is a lot.

The chair upon which Queen Jo sat while she wrote the first two "Harry Potter" books will be sold this Wednesday at Heritage Auctions' rare books auction. The auction ends at 9 am Eastern time on April 6, so get your bids in now if you have $65,000 or so to spare.

The bidding for the chair reportedly reached that amount already, and there's still a whole day left to the auction. No word on where the money is going, but knowing JK, I'm sure it will go to a good cause.

In a letter accompanying the chair, Sky News reports the author wrote it was the "comfiest one" that was "stationed permanently" in front of her typewriter.

Here's what the now-famous chair looks like, adorned with lettering from JK herself.

If you're poor like I am, you probably won't be throwing your name in this auction. But if you live in New York City, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the chair before it's sold on Wednesday, like this Twitter user did.

It's a nice chair, but it also looks hella uncomfortable. But hey, I guess legendary fantasy series don't get written in a reclining La-Z-Boy!

Watch the video from the auction house providing all the details of the chair below.

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